Our Program

A New Beginning is unique in that we offer a destination designed for long term recovery.

Sober. Living. Home.

Our program teaches women of all ages how to live life on life’s terms — without returning to drug and alcohol dependency. Through a program of rigorous honesty and following principles in the 12 steps, our clients transition into a stable way of life. Our approach is individually based on each client and our results unmatched.

Our program includes:

  • 12 Step Meetings
  • Around the clock certified addictions counselors
  • 16 week Certified Parenting Classes
  • Job skills training needed to enter the work force
  • Free YMCA membership

A New Beginning’s clients have come from as far as Miami and Kentucky to participate in our program. We work with the community to provide the best possible care to women near and far suffering from the disease of addiction. It is our hope that with God’s help our clients may permanently break the cycle of addiction, return to a life of sobriety, be an asset to society and become self-supporting through their own contributions.